The Hackett Miller Company is proud to announce the launch of Oliver Richman’s NEW holiday music video, "One Little Christmas Tree!” This brand new version is a remake of the Stevie Wonder classic, written by Oliver’s grandfather, the late legendary songwriter, Ron Miller ("For Once in My Life," "Heaven Help Us All," "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday," “A Place In The Sun,” "Touch Me in the Morning," “If I Could,” “Someday at Christmas,” “I’ve Never Been To Me”), who wrote most of the titles from Stevie Wonder’s only Christmas album and Motown classic, “Someday At Christmas.”

The producers would like thank the extraordinary talents of our brilliant creative team! Oliver, our beautiful son, we are so proud of your kind, sensitive heart, your dedication, talent, commitment and all the love you share with the world every moment.

Thank you to our genius Director of Sound/Film & Editor, Mark Matson, for the countless hours you spent on this project and your incredible talent and dedication; to our brilliant Art Director, Jeanne Quinn, for your vision in making everything we do come across to the world in such an artistic, classic and timeless way; our Music Director, Chris Hardin, for yet again, another brilliant arrangement; to Bryan Wells for your glorious musical composition; to Gammy whose love and support live in this song and in our lives every day and; to our “One Little Angel,” our beautiful, sweet and talented 4 year old daughter, Ashleigh Zayda Hackett, who makes her debut in this video and who puts smiles on all of our faces every moment.

Most of all, we would like to thank Ron Miller (1932- 2007), whose timeless lyrics have touched hundreds of millions of people around the globe for over 60 years – lyrics and music that will live forever for generations and generations to come. Your message of truth, hope, love and a better tomorrow for all, lives on in your children, grandchildren and all those whose lives you have touched. As we were working on this project, life dealt us a series of challenges. We often thought that we were the “One Little Christmas Tree” – but we were (and are) inspired because you taught us how to believe and love. Amazingly, today we get to “light the world” in every way. Even though you had to leave this world Daddy, we know you are here, alive and well, every time we sing/hear one of your songs. I love you Daddy – Love, Lisa.

From all of us at The Hackett Miller Company, we wish you a holiday season filled with love, hope, passion, peace, joy and of course, music!

Lisa Dawn Miller Hackett
Sandy Hackett
The Hackett Miller Company, Inc.

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